This isn’t business as usual, it’s your opportunity to build a business you love on your time — part-time, full-time, when, where, and how you want. With our team, you’re in business for yourself, not by yourself. We’re here for you every step of the way with training tools, videos, and online resources to serve your clients and learn how to target new ones.
From helping customer’s confidence to developing strong bonds with your team, there are no limits to your success. The quality, fit, and growing interest of Zyia activewear makes this investment a win, so it’s just a matter of what ideas you have to sell clothing your way. I want to give you a glimpse of what’s included when you join, so scroll down and check our Women’s/Men’s starter kits! 
Have any more questions? Send me an email or read the FAQ’s below for more information.


For a quick video about becoming a rep with Zyia check out this video!

If you are looking for a fun way to earn extra income, a discount on high quality activewear, or to change your financial future…  ZYIA Active can offer you a unique opportunity to start your own business. with a JOIN button for each country linking to my join site:
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Starter Kits

Women’s Canada Starter Kit Contents

  • Black Bomber Bra
  • Fog Copper Charged Tank
  • ZYIA-X Mesh Hat
  • Gray Everywhere Zipper Jogger
  • Black Pocket Light n Tight Hi-Rise 7/8 24″
  • $135 ZYIA Gift Card 
  • + $50 in Business Tools

Men’s Canada Starter Kit Contents

  • Black Track Shorts-Long
  • Black Champion Cutoff Split T 
  • Navy Performance Hoodie
  • Red Links Active T
  • Gray Performance Socks
  • $135 ZYIA Gift Card
  • + $50 in Business Tools

Women’s US Starter Kit Contents

  • Black Bomber Bra
  • Fog Copper Charged Tank
  • Navy Cozy Jogger
  • Black Chill Hat
  • Black Pocket Brilliant Hi-Rise Capri 20″
  • + $100 ZYIA Gift Card 
  • + $50 in Business Tools

Men’s US Starter Kit Contents

  • Red and Navy Stripe Clubhouse T RC
  • White Long Sleeve Henley
  • Teal Versatility Short
  • Black ZZZ Hat
  • Black Pocket Polo
  • Gray Performance Socks
  • $100 ZYIA Gift Card 
  • + $50 in Business Tools


How Do I become a Zyia Rep?

To become a ZYIA Rep you just need to purchase a starter kit. The starter kit changes from time to time but always includes 5 staple pieces from our collection and another gift card to spend on anything you like!

Can the starter kits be customized?

While you cannot choose what items come in your kit (newsflash… you will love everything) The sizes are customized to you free of charge! You can obviously customize anything you purchase with your gift card that comes in your kit.

Do reps keep inventory?

No! The great thing about being a rep for Zyia is that we don’t need to keep inventory! Instead customers (or you) place orders through your personalized Rep Website, and the products ship from our warehouse in Sandy, Utah or Vancouver, Canada.  No running to the post office… ever!

How much is the website?

Your personalized rep website is only $15/month in the US or $21 in Canada. However, the first two months are free with the purchase of your kit. You also have the opportunity to have the fee waived by selling $600 volume in a month!

What is the rep discount?

Zyia reps get 25% off everything!

Is there a monthly/yearly fee?

Nope! Once you buy your start up kit you are a rep. Zyia doesn’t charge any monthly or yearly fees

Is there a monthly minimum to stay active?

No. What makes Zyia so amazing is that there are no monthly minimums to stay active! Instead, you have 6 month blocks to hit your minimum requirement. That means if you don’t sell anything for several months you’re still considered an “active rep”, as long as the 6 month minimum is hit in the time frames stated below. They have also kept the minimum low so it is extremely attainable.
They require $300 between January-June, and $300 between July-December. The bonus is your kit and anything you purchase with your discount counts towards this number, which is awesome!

Where can Reps sell?

As a rep you can run your business in whatever way fits you best! Which means… you get to choose how/where you sell! Reps can sell on social media, Facebook/Instagram parties, at vendor events, at in home parties, or even out of their house. You can even set up pop up shops at gyms, salons or boutiques!

How do reps make commission?

Commissions are paid on full price sales placed through the reps personal website. Commission percentages are between 20-33% depending on your rank in the company! If you choose to build a team, you will make commissions on their sales as well.

Can I build a team?

Absolutely!! This business is built around supporting each other, and team building is part of it!

Any more questions?

So let’s summarize — ZYIA is an incredible company with an unreal opportunity right now. This is why I am so passionate about helping others become entrepreneurs and change their financial future. We are still in our infancy and continue to grow like crazy. I would love to help you be a part of this growth and our expanding team! Feel free to contact me with any questions you have. We also have a Facebook Group ( where you can learn more!