About Deanna

My name is Deanna Galbraith and I live in Ontario, Canada with my two children and gorgeous husband. I am an Occupational Therapist with a busy practice and a top leader with Zyia Active.


My ZYIA journey began when Zyia launched in Canada at the start of 2019. At that time my OT practice was thriving. I was happy, managing a (more than) full-time caseload, rehabilitation team, and earning a great income.

Take a chance, follow
your gut, we’ve got you!


Before ZYIA, I had been involved in direct sales in the past for a short time with limited success and was not looking for a new opportunity. But I still couldn’t shake the feeling that I wanted more.


I was successful, but found myself working early mornings and late nights, not having the time I craved for my family. I followed my gut and took a chance when a friend introduced me to this new baby activewear company. I signed up on a whim and had NO IDEA how much I needed ZYIA in my life and how my life was about to change.


I quickly learned the value of this opportunity- ZYIA caught on like wildfire throughout Canada and the US and this brand has only begun!

After the whirlwind of this past year I have found myself leading a team of amazing, inspiring women (and a few great men!) who lift each other up and we have created a phenomenal community of leaders! To say that I am proud of the team we are building is a massive understatement.


I have heard many others say “ZYIA is a feeling” and this couldn’t be more true.


Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.