Selling to Friends: How To Ask and Why It’s Okay

I think it’s important to talk about one of the top questions I hear when people are thinking about joining the Zyia team: how to keep up with sales and how to ask people to support you.

You never want to feel like you’re overstepping boundaries with friends and family so setting up a try-on event or virtual party might seem like an intimidating task, especially during this crazy time.

I’m going to share some advice on what works for me and my team, and why selling to your close people shouldn’t feel like an undertaking.

Let’s take it back to elementary school fundraisers; there was always a student who raised hundreds of dollars for Hoops for Heart, and others who didn’t care at all.

So, what was the difference between the two — why did one student have all the confidence in the world and the other was left unmotivated?

The most obvious: some kids had their parents helping them by leaving a box of chocolates in their corporate lunchroom. Who doesn’t need a sugar rush at 2 pm? On the contrary, other guardians encouraged their kids to do it themselves, for modest results to earn a small prize. And lastly, there were always a few who lost their envelope on the first day with no cares at all to turn it in.

Within all three scenarios, every child had the option to sell a product (or raise money) and win something based on their results. There was no difference in what they were selling or who they open to selling to, just a sheet of paper to tally totals and a list of prizes you could win.

Fast forward to 2020 and how this all applies to my story. As a Zyia rep, my journey has been nothing short of achieving new goals, finding opportunities in the market, and building a top team in Canada. I saw my prize in a company that believes in community, empowerment, and making an impact.

Selling to Friends and Building Your Team

Getting to the top wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows, but here are some of my secrets to selling:

Tell Them Your Story

This is one of the most important pieces of selling to your network — being authentic. Set yourself apart and let them know why you’re selling the product.

What made you fall in love with the program? Sharing your successes isn’t about bragging, especially when you share how you spend time hitting goals and how much life has changed for the better.

Be Transparent and Consistent

When you’re asking your friends and family to take time out of their schedules to support your cause, you need to be sure you’re treating them like any other customer — by serving up impeccable service, and most of all, respect.

While you don’t want to beg your besties for money, giving up discounts and special rates might be something you’re tempted to offer to entice the sale. I’m begging you to reconsider… for a few reasons.

At first, it might seem like the right thing to do, but you’re actually hindering your service and undercutting the value you provide as a rep. Basically, you’re telling your customer that you don’t believe in the full experience and quality you provide. That’s why it’s best to offer the highest level of service and selling them on value versus discounts.

That’s not to say you’ll avoid promotions completely — just have more of a strategy behind how you can promote and give them something to look forward to if they are looking to save some cash.

Everyone Likes to Feel Special

You want to invest time into your relationships, and with that comes a high level of customer service. Everyone likes to feel special and appreciated especially when it comes to your close circle and recognizing their continuous support.

Send a handwritten note with their order or if you sign up a friend to join your team. If you can share a free sample with someone (just because), it will show there’s no pressure to buy — you just really want them to get into the product.

I have an exclusive Facebook group for my network, so I can connect with them on a more personal level and follow up with them in one place. I approach my business from a perspective of support, not selling, checking in on what they like and don’t like, so I can give them the best experience possible.

Be Respectful — Know when No is No

If your friends are being approached by a handful of people who happen to be selling things and looking for support, know when to tread lightly. They might be exhausted, and their experience might be tarnished if you’re coming in hot with merchandise and why it’s time to support you — no matter how good of a fit they might be for your team or try-on’s.

It’s critical to listen for verbal cues that give away their decision. The key is to live your story authentically and with passion, and when they’re ready to come around, they will.

Show and Tell — It’s Not Just Them

If you’ve hosted a Zyia party, you might feel guilty extending the invite to the same circle over and over (unless you’ve developed some true loyals, which is VERY likely to happen). It’s critical to build and bring in new people to scale any business, and you should be doing this daily or at least weekly (depending on your commitment).

Being upfront about your intentions and desire for growth can create smart introductions with the right group of people. You’ll quickly see who’s interested in your product and they might know more people who would benefit from your program.

Politely Ask for Intros

Your friends should ultimately want to see you happy and successful (if not — bye), so you need to let them know about your bigger vision.

Tell them you’re out there every day, networking and reaching out to new communities, doing the work to meet new people, build your biz, and enhance your social profile. Finding every opportunity to grow becomes addictive, and the more activity people see, the more visible your efforts and passion are. As you expand your business beyond your BFF’s, your friends can cheer you on and know they were there to support you from the very beginning.

These six tips are some of the ways I’ve built my team and monthly sales, leading a team of over 1,000 reps. Staying consistent and true to my message has developed incredible possibilities to where I can build my business. I believe in how Zyia empowers men and women, so I share my message with passion.

Starting small and asking friends to join or host a party wasn’t easy, but it was totally worth it for both of us. If you’re not sure where or how to start the conversation, send me a message or follow my Zyia journey on Facebook and Instagram!

Yours in Zyia,

Deanna xo

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