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Fall fashion’s go-to’s for transitional — and unpredictable — weather

When it comes to transitional dressing, we tend to lull between our summer favourite’s that we just can’t pack away yet and fall knits we can’t wait to cozy up into. It can be a weird relationship when summer turns to autumn but finding a few staples for those unpredictable days in between takes the guesswork out of getting dressed in the morning.

This year’s weather has been pretty standard from summer to fall, but there have been a few days in between where you just don’t want to wear a jacket yet and jeans are not on your mind. An easy solution? Activewear.

Depending on your plans, or lack thereof, this year has been all about comfort — easy dressing, throw on and go pieces that work for everyday errands or watching the kids. Even though you’re not in jeans and a nice top, there ARE ways to look presentable and ready to take on your day. I’m here to let you in on some of my favourites for Fall… scroll on!

For Her:

I generally lead a very healthy lifestyle, but quarantine saw my share of extra snacking — who can relate?

Even if you’ve stayed on routine or found a new one and gained/lost some weight, the amazing benefits to Zyia products is the versatility you have in your wardrobe, while still looking like a total bombshell. 

I picked black and white styles because sometimes you just want to keep it neutral. You can also add a pop of colour or print with one of Zyia’s grid bras — get inspired and make these styles your own!

Black Everywhere Pants — The little black pant you didn’t know you needed

Okay, this is seriously one of the best pants you can have as a staple in your wardrobe. They are the perfect length and look tailored so people will have no idea they’re as comfortable as leggings. PLUS they’re water resistant so it won’t matter if you forget to change your clothes from your quick meeting to coming home with the kids. They’re the perfect travel piece, and even though we are limited to our vacations, they are great for a road trip out to the cottage.

Go To T — Your Go to Tee

This is a favourite because it comes in black AND white, so you can mix it up with anything. Add a printed scarf, grab a colourful hand or shoulder bag, whatever your pleasure — you can make it happen with this classic tee! Its fabric is super soft to the touch and drapes really nicely, the fit is a little relaxed, but not totally oversized. I love that this tee can be tucked in or worn loosely which gives it two different ways to wear. All around just the best t-shirt to have on hand!

Black Lounge Boyfriend Hoodie — Do you like hugs? It’s like that

I’ve always loved hugging in hoodies; you feel warm and just really, really good. Whether it’s from my husband or the kids, I just feel at home and safe. This sweater is just like that. It’s lightweight so you won’t sweat, but warm enough to layer up with. If you want to wear it more fitted, go down a size — it’s a little relaxed so pick your preference! Dress it up with leggings, a boot, and an oversized blazer or trench — what’s more confident than that?

For Him:

What’s your man’s style like? Does he wear what you tell him? Or does he have his own kind of vibe? Welcome to styles that suit every man — comfort, a few touches that aren’t obnoxious, and easy care so he can wear them (almost) every day.

Cool Black Chino — A new take on a classic

These are a great pant for men who don’t like wearing dress pants or don’t have a need to wear dress pants — other than the occasional event that you need to put real pants on for. At first glance, they look like a classic and are styled like a dress pant. The comfort level goes beyond sitting in a stiff or scratchy pant. These guys are sweat-wicking and breathable so your man can wear them all day without feeling stuck in something he hates.

White Long-Sleeved Henley — Who doesn’t have a Henley?

Even if he doesn’t wear one now, there is a point in every man’s life where he has worn or will wear a Henley styled shirt. What is a Henley style you ask? See the front buttons along the collar? Meet Henley. It’s a classic style that stands the test of time and looks good on everyone. This look is on the casual side, but throw it on with your black chinos and hey, how ya doin?

Black Speed Jacket — Perfect Partner

Minimal detail and maximum features, this sleek black jacket is the go-to for weather transitioning and rainy runs. He can store his accessories, with two zipper pockets that secure the essentials. Having a lightweight jacket that can be used from Winter to Spring, Fall to Winter is a big win, especially for guys who have a few pieces they love and tend to stick to.

That sums up my top picks for crazy weather, and more importantly this year, where you just want to wear your pajamas. You might want to plaster yourself in bright colours and prints to shine a little light in today’s crazy climate, and that’s okay too! These are great styles that go the extra mile to make you feel amazing — from fit to fabric!

Head over to my page to shop these looks before they run out or check when they’re restocking before the year ends. If you want to sell these to your friends and family, let’s talk! You might consider becoming a rep to get a first look at more styles like these. If you’re unsure about joining or how to get started, stay tuned for my next blog post: Selling to friends and why it’s okay.

Thanks for reading!

Yours in Zyia,
Deanna xo

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